Thinking of updating your home?

A new trend is large-scale tiles.  I am not talking about 12”x24″, I am talking 24”x36”, 24”x48″ or 48”x60”.  Why are we seeing a trend toward this?  Think “less grout” and a great option when renovating a bathroom, especially for cleaning!  This new larger size provides you with a more interesting look and a seamless design.


Tiles and Pattern

Don’t be scared to have fun with colour and pattern.  Tile manufactures are coming out with a great line of tiles with different motifs and colours.  You can use them in any space of your home to add a splash of fun; kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor tile, laundry room, fireplace… the possibilities are endless. A little goes a long way and if you are brave, why not use these tiles in a large space.  We are currently using this style of tile in an up and coming project, stay tuned for pictures.

Stay Tuned for more design tips, trends and more!


Carly Sanderson