Work hard & be nice to people ~ Anthony Burrill

Sustainable building goes beyond energy efficiency. We are committed to exploring ways to address environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of our building materials. This means examining embodied carbon, global warming potential, and the environmental impacts of the chemicals used in the materials we put in our homes. We strive to run our job sites and our office as greenly as possible.

It takes more than hammers and saws to complete high-end home construction and renovation. In a traditionally low-tech industry, we realized that the tools needed to stay organized to the extent we desired, didn’t exist – so we built them.

Using custom software, we provide detailed project estimates and track actual costs during construction. We react and adjust to changes in scheduling or scope as needed and approved by you. We use our software to predict future scheduling needs of our in-house labour force, allowing us to have the right people for the job available right when they’re needed. We have automated most of our data entry, cutting down on errors, saving time in the office, and greatly reducing our paper waste. We pass those savings on to you.

On select projects, we work with Integrated Project Delivery contracts, or IPD. In an IPD project the homeowners and key professionals commit to the following principles: mutual respect and trust, mutual benefit and reward, collaborative decision making, early involvement by key participants, early goal planning, and open communication. An IPD project includes a financial incentive pool that all parties contribute to and is paid out based on everyone achieving agreed upon milestones.

Whether IPD is a right fit for your project or not, our team maintains open lines of communication to ensure that the best people and products are used in the right places at the right times. The focus is on shared knowledge and each individual’s specialized skills.

Safety is always front of mind. We have a safety plan including everything from weekly meetings and site inspections to training and certification. Each site is equipped, and crews trained in COVID safety protocols, the use of necessary first aid, eye wash, fire safety and emergency response materials.