Our Team

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." ~Napoleon Hill
Russ Barry - Interactive Construction

Russ Barry ~ Owner

Russ started in the construction industry at an early age and worked his way up steadily ever since. After 5 years of renovation experience, he spent 10 years with a luxury home builder in Victoria as site foreman. Always looking for a new challenge and opportunity for growth, starting Interactive Construction was the next logical step in his career.

Running Interactive allows Russ to combine his extensive construction experience with his computer programming expertise. This combination has helped build a company that offers state of the art project management coupled with high-quality home construction.

Jodi Roach - Interactive Construction, Victoria BC

Jodi Roach ~ Office Administrator

With Jodi’s legal training, and career in policy and project management, she brings important control and incredible organisational skills to the inner workings of Interactive Construction. Though not a face most people will see during the course of a project, her tireless work behind the scenes keeps the gears of the Interactive machine turning smoothly.

Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell ~ Project Manager

With Tim’s extensive background as a luxury home builder and construction project manager, he has proven himself an invaluable part of the Interactive Team. His wide breadth of knowledge and experience means Tim is capable tackling even the most difficult of projects. It’s comforting to have such a hard-working, dedicated professional in charge of managing our projects.
Mike Dahlke - Interactive Construction, Victoria BC

Mike Dahlke ~ Project Manager

With more than a decade of experience to build from, Mike brings a keen eye for detail and quality to every project. As a Project Manager, Mike excels at team leadership and construction project management. As a Journeyman Carpenter, he takes great pride in mentoring the up and coming talent on our team. From West Coast homes to international cruise ship renovations, his passion for carpentry has diversified his style and approach to building.
Tyler Green, Interactive Construction, Victoria BC

Tyler Green ~ Carpenter

Tyler has a calm and calculated approach to even the most complex projects. With experience on many high-end luxury builds throughout his apprenticeship, he has the focus required for a successful project. Tyler’s skill set is well rounded and he is eager to take on whatever the job requires, making him an asset on any project.
Jean Hindlet - Interactive Construction, Victoria BC

Jean Hindlet ~ Carpenter

Jean’s commitment to quality is matched by his desire to consistently improve his practice. As a Journeyman Carpenter, he approaches each project with enthusiasm and a desire to surpass expectations for the clients and himself.

Rob McElroy ~ Carpenter

A highly career focused Carpenter, Rob remains dedicated to continuing self-improvement. With a background in high-end custom finishing and a sincere commitment to every task, his expertise is valued by all.

Wes Broad ~ Carpenter

Wes brings a host of skills to the table that extend beyond carpentry alone. His wide range of background experience has been a big part in our team’s ability to take on some of our most unique projects. His efficient work methods and get-to-work attitude make him a welcome member of our crew.
Kendall Foster

Kendall Foster ~ Apprentice

Kendall Foster came highly recommended to us early on in the game. Her attention to detail and commitment to continued learning have continued to impress everyone she works with. We are excited to be beneficial to Kendall’s continuing ITA Training and onward throughout her career.

Chris G. ~ Apprentice

Honesty, hard-work, and dedication are all highly prized attributes at Interactive and Chris brings all of them and more to work every day. With a background in business performing resource and worker management, his switch to carpentry came easily and we’re sure his remaining apprenticeship will be simple and swift.

Malcolm McLaren ~ Apprentice

A hard worker from day one, we were happy to take Malcom on as an Apprentice. Always polite and conscientious, he has easily become a permanent part of our team.

And More...

Our team is growing steadily and confidently. As our new team members become permanent fixtures over the years, we’ll be sure to add their profiles here!