Perfect Fit Passive

Passive House Institute Certified

This beautiful home is an example of what can be achieved on a small lot. Interactive Construction was able to provide these homeowners with a Passive House that fit perfectly into their heritage neighbourhood, onto their narrow lot, and with their personalities.

There are huge energy savings built into the design of this home. In keeping with Passive House principles, the house is insulated everywhere to minimize heat loss meaning this house doesn’t require a conventional heat source. There is an extremely efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system that quietly manages airflow throughout the building and takes the heat from showers and cooking before expelling cool, filtered air. Triple glazed windows cut down on heat loss and are almost all openable to aid in cooling instead of a costly air conditioner.

Environmental considerations in this build go beyond energy savings. The decision to use prefabricated wall panels and roof trusses to cut down on waste and aid in site storage of lumber.

This house’s innovation comes from its being a modern design passive house that it somehow fits very well in a neighbourhood filled with heritage houses. We managed to squeeze a lot of house onto a postage-sized lot and still have it feel roomy inside and in the yard.

And check out those funky stairs!

From the Homeowner

Despite the huge and unforeseen challenges of building safely and efficiently during the 2020 Covid pandemic, especially on a very narrow lot, Interactive’s exceptional crew and their team of skilled subcontractors delivered our dream house.