Gonzales House – Densification Reimagined

Passive House Institute Certified

This home provided Interactive Construction the unique opportunity to redefine densification while bolstering sustainability, ingenuity, and outdoor space. By repurposing much of the material from the original, turn of the century home, the Gonzales house was able to redevelop an under-utilized single-family property into a high efficiency multi family residence.

To be as environmentally responsible as possible, all salvageable wood from the original home was reclaimed, refurbished, and reused on site in architectural detailing including flooring, trim, and millwork. Features like the original claw footed tub give a nod to the past while the custom tile mosaic rain shower looks towards the future.

As a certified passive house in all three living spaces this home defines high efficiency. The state-of-the-art HRV system ensures high quality air management while recovering all potential heat loss and maximizing climate control on hot and cold days. The specialized heat pump hot water tank is not only ultra efficient, it is also integral in the climate management of the home while being environmentally conscious through its CO2 refrigerant system. This home is also equipped to be solar ready.

This Intentionally designed and built, Georgie award winning home, is an effective use of space inside and out while being conscious of the environment. By maintaining the character and charm of the surrounding neighbourhood and integrated environment, this high-performance build has defined urban functionality, durability, and energy efficiency.