The Gabion Home

Passive House Institute Certified
Living Building Challenge: Health and Happiness, Beauty, Energy, Water – Awaiting Certification

Nestled into a Gary Oak Meadow dotted with rocky outcroppings, local vegetation and wildflowers sits the Gabion house. As you pass over the rain garden bridge and enter the expansive front door, you are embraced by wood and stone walls, floor to ceiling windows, and abundant natural light that leaves you feeling immersed in the outdoors.

This home is intended for aging-in-place while accommodating a vision-impaired homeowner. Angled walls, textured surfaces, and curved corners aid in the accessibility of the home while bolstering its unique beauty and organic feel. Vaulted ceilings for improved acoustics for home concerts open the living space which extends through a massive sliding glass door, to the cedar deck overlooking the property. The master bedroom cantilevers out over the property partly supported by a structural rain chain which combines function and aesthetic.

Featuring the highest-level structural system for a personal residence, this post-disaster home is not only beautiful, functional, and sustainable; It is built to last. The home is Passive House certified and seeking Living Building Challenge petal certification. This means that not only is the house ultra-efficient but is also a net positive energy producer. The unique roof line, while visually appealing, is designed to host a solar array while collecting rainwater which passes into two massive cisterns supplying the domestic water for the home.

Two gabion walls are the cornerstones of the house providing a striking yet subtle appearance to the front of the home. The rear of the house is a mosaic of fruit bearing trees, gardens, waterfalls, and local vegetation. Meandering walkways unite the home throughout the property.

The Gabion Home is stunning, high tech and welcoming to guests and the residences alike. It is a small oasis designed to fully immerse and integrate the occupants within the immediate landscape.