Project Tracking

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Custom Tools for Custom Jobs

It takes more than hammers and saws to complete high-end home construction. In a traditionally low-tech industry, we realised that the tools needed to stay organised to the extent we desired, didn’t exist – so we built them.

Using custom software, we provide fully detailed project estimates and track actual costs during construction. We use outsourced software to share this information with you through a dedicated log-in. This log-in portal also gives you access to the schedule and other project documentation. Your site foreman and Project Manager also have access to the project schedule & specifications. Everyone is looking at the same information, and everyone is updated automatically on relevant change orders or design versions.

We are able to track changes to the initial design, and forecast the impact to the end scope. We are able to react efficiently and adjust to changes in scheduling or scope as needed and approved by you.

We use this software to predict future scheduling needs of our in-house labour force. This allows us to have the right people for the job available right when you need them.

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Be Connected to Progress

If your project is mid-sized or larger, it receives a dedicated log-in portal containing live reports of all aspects of the work – available to you at all times anywhere in the world. You can see all receipts and invoices through this portal, and they are kept locally on file for you after the project is complete. You are able to view the live project schedule as well as current versions of plans, specifications, and other documentation. You can see all site photos showing progress and details of construction, as well as communicate with the project managers and trades directly through the portal.

Our management team and on-site foreman, also use this portal. You stay completely plugged in to the exact same data that we use for project management. You’re 100 per cent in the know and always in control.

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Construction Project Management