Our Partners

City Service Plumbing

City Service Plumbing

Russ Barry has worked alongside City Service Plumbing for more than a decade. The wide range of well thought-through options and specifications they provide for every project, big or small, is impressive. Their team works tirelessly to iron out every detail and identify solutions for issues that may have been glossed over during the design phase.
Patriot Electric Logo

Patriot Electric

Dave Moss brings us the total package in Patriot Electric. The breadth and width of his team’s knowledge is immediately apparent on all of his projects. His standards and level of professionalism set the bar in his field.
David H Moore Logo

David H. Moore Cabinetry

Throughout his career, Russ has found himself working alongside David H. Moore on various custom kitchen and high-end bathroom projects. No matter where he was working, his unassuming attention to every detail, and his quiet machine-like efficiency is always impressive. When he founded David H Moore Millwork he immediately became our first choice for fine cabinetry.
Down to Earth Gardens Logo

Down to Earth Gardens

Brought together through a mutual acquaintance and a little luck, Russ has enjoyed every moment of working with the Down to Earth team. The outgoing personalities of Kelly and Eko are guaranteed to bring life and joy into your outside spaces in ways you may never have imagined.
RC Roofing

RC Roofing

Possibly the most important and often glossed over part of your home is the roof. We’ve never met anyone who knows and cares more about roofing materials and their integration into your home than Roy Corbett. The incredibly polite in-house team of RC Roofing take pride in the work that keeps your house safe and dry.

Kimberly Williams Interior Design Logo

Kimberly Williams Interiors

We can build anything, but it takes a special blend of artistic talent and conceptual organisation to ensure that the end product is both stylish and functional. Kimberly Williams proves time and again that she has the talent for modern home interior design. Her driven and engaging team go to great lengths to fine tune your vision and craft it into a beautiful reality.

Special Mention

A special thanks to Bonnie Light for our logo design and continued support, Matt Lawson for his photographic talent, and Andrea at Dyggz Marketing for this great website and everything it took to realise it.