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Getting Started & Planning

The first step is to make contact. You may have a complete set of plans, or just a vague idea that something needs to happen. Either way, we can help. Our experience may save you a headache, and a phone call (250-886-3833) costs nothing. The planning stage is your chance to spend time to save money. The first step is to solidify your concepts into something that can be quantified. We will then be able to provide a detailed breakdown of costs using our custom software. We are happy to take a look at your existing plans, or help you develop them with our own design team. We listen to your ideas and figure out the best way to collaborate with you.



Our job is to successfully transition your concepts into reality. The job of a designer or architect is to ensure that those concepts are complete, functional, and incredible. A designer not only shapes your space in the best way possible, they also craft the documentation that clearly describes everything we need to build your vision. We love the up-front planning and excellent results that working with a professional designer brings to the table. If you think your project might benefit from this added touch, ask us! We’re happy to recommend our favorites.



Finally, the exciting part! Interactive Construction provides solutions for any portion or every stage and component of your project. We can be there with you from dropping the first tree on your new lot or knocking out the first stud in your old home. And we can take care of every detail of the project, down to planting your flower garden and hanging your favorite artwork over the new mantle on our way out.

So let’s get this project started!


About the Author

Russ started in the construction industry at an early age and worked his way up steadily ever since. After 5 years of renovation experience, he spent 10 years with a luxury home builder in Victoria as site foreman. Always looking for a new challenge and opportunity for growth, starting Interactive Construction was the next logical step in his career. Running Interactive allows Russ to combine his extensive construction experience with his computer programming expertise. This combination has helped build a company that offers state of the art project management coupled with high-quality home construction.