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Garden Suites

“My husband and I are thinking of building a garden suite on our property to help with mortgage payments but we’ve heard it’s a difficult and expensive process.  Do you have any advice?”

Great news! Victoria city council has approved garden suites in all single family homes. This is a significant step towards fixing the current housing shortage. With this new change, the application process will only take 3-4 weeks, cost $200 and be handled by city staff instead of by councillors.  The old process was a daunting 6-8 months, cost $4,000 and had no guarantee of approval.

What are the advantages?

  • relatively inexpensive housing option for elderly parents, disabled persons or young family members.
  • a senior could move to the garden suite from their previous dwelling – freeing up equity, extending independent living, and increasing companionship, security, and support.
  • garden suites are connected to the services of the main dwelling and wouldn’t require the purchase of additional land.
  • if rental income is received, garden suites can act as a “mortgage helper” to homeowners.

What should be considered?

  • neighbours may raise concerns about the increase in density.
  • on street parking could be a problem.
  • more homes mean more demands on infrastructure such as sewers and water supply.




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Russ started in the construction industry at an early age and worked his way up steadily ever since. After 5 years of renovation experience, he spent 10 years with a luxury home builder in Victoria as site foreman. Always looking for a new challenge and opportunity for growth, starting Interactive Construction was the next logical step in his career. Running Interactive allows Russ to combine his extensive construction experience with his computer programming expertise. This combination has helped build a company that offers state of the art project management coupled with high-quality home construction.