Empress Rooftop

We were excited to be a small part of a big push to restore this iconic downtown Victoria landmark to it’s glory. The rooftop above the front lobby had fallen into a state of disrepair that was highly visible from the many surrounding suites. The hotels goal was to not only create an enjoyable visual for guests, but also to turn a barely used piece of real estate into something more functional.

The space was to become a combination of tranquil walking and sittings areas doubling as a fresh herb garden for the hotel kitchen. To keep the weight down, most of the planters have free-draining hollow bases with only the tops filled to the specific soil depth needed for each type of planting.

We had narrow windows to get cranes in place to remove the old materials and bring up new supplies. The hotel had to stay open and we couldn’t obstruct the front entrance or take anything through the hotel interior.

The work had to be completed in the winter off-season, so we battled the elements for the duration. The results were worth it and the views across the inner harbour and across to the parliament buildings are stunning.

Project management

  • Coordinate with engineers & hotel managers
  • Crane access for all materials & supplies
  • Cranes & work above busy public areas
  • Work & access without disrupting hotel operations
  • Strict safety protocols

Commercial Renovations

  • Remove existing materials
  • Create durable framework with strict weight limitations
  • Raised garden beds
  • Sitting areas
  • Storage benches
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation