The Bright Professional

It didn’t take long to convert this once dark and dated space into a bright and inviting suite of modern offices. Intelligent use of glass for interior partitions gives the central rooms natural light while still maintaining privacy. Custom wood on the wall of the reception area leads down the hall to board rooms and offices, enticing a sense of grandness from limited space. Healthy clusters of pot-lights are placed to accentuate the wall features as well as add to the bright and open feel.

Surrounded by busy offices and a hearing clinic directly below us, we had some challenges to overcome to stay good neighbours. Tight site parking and access only through the shared space to this second floor unit were additional issues we had to plan around before and during demolition and construction.

With the business owners’ previous offices sold and a move-in date already set, we were able to overcome all the challenges and complete the renovation in time for the big move.

Project management

Commercial Renovations

  • Strip out old partitions
  • Install new partitions
  • Electrical upgrades & new lighting
  • New plumbing fixtures
  • New tile flooring
  • New carpet and tile
  • Dropped ceiling tile
  • New work stations
  • Custom millwork
  • Drywall & painting