Sustainability’s goal is to create possibilities, not to limit options. ~ Anonymous

Environmental morality has been built deeply into our company. We operate a near-zero paper producing office, with bookkeeping, records, invoicing, and administration done digitally. Even jobsite management and time keeping are dealt with via online tools and on-site electronic devices. With our outgoing paper use minimized, we also continue to reduce the few remaining incoming sources.

We were also very excited to bring permeable concrete to Victoria. With the help of ACT Finishing and ICL Concrete Supply, we successfully orchestrated this green solution to a common Victoria water run-off problem. Using modern compounds, today’s permeable concrete mix successfully bonds aggregates together in an open structure which allows water to pass straight through. We’re excited to see it becoming a more common product in eco-friendly home designs.

We were honoured to be a 2015 EcoStar Finalist, beside some pretty incredible companies working towards a greener future.

We are proud members of Passive House Canada and the movement is gaining popularity here in BC among energy conscious buyers, and we are part of the push. By using building science with a proven track record in many countries around the world, we are constructing homes with almost no heating costs. The energy consumption is so low that some banks are beginning to adjust their mortgage calculations when financing a Passive House to account for these reduced costs. Read more about the process in our Passive House Blog.

The name BUILT GREEN® needs little explanation; building with consideration for the environment. Wherever possible, Interactive Construction works with homeowners to incorporate greener and more environmentally conscious choices when building or renovating their home. The BUILT GREEN® certification is a strict set of guidelines in areas of Energy, Materials, Methods, Air Quality, Ventilation, Waste & Water Management and Business Practice. We are proud to be a part of the BUILT GREEN® program and truly believe in what it stands for.

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